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United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service, also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail and USPS. It is an independent government agency which has roots dating back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was named the first postmaster general. Parcel Room has been offering USPS products and services since we opened in 1974. We offer USPS products and services such as; Flat Rate and Non-Flat Rate mail, Priority & Express mail, Media mail and much more.

We’re always happy to offer a variety of USPS services. These services are limited by the dimensions and weight of packages.
Maximum Size – A combined length and girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] of up to 108″ is allowed for priority and express mail; you can ship up to 130″
For packages which exceed these limits, we can use any other carriers such as; FedEx, DHL, UPS, and etc. or refer to our Carriers Freight Services Page.

See below for a complete list of all important products and services that you get from the United States Postal Service at M&M Mail Services. We offer good and fast customer service. We offer the postal products and services you need, but without the long wait in line—and you can be certain we’re always happy to see you.

Stamps First Class Ground Mail Media Mail Priority Express Global Express Guaranteed
Insurance Certified Priority Mail Signature Return Receipt Delivery confirmation
some of the USPS products and services are at mark-up prices so that we can cover the cost of papers, inks and credit cards charges that may arise during any transaction.

Postage Stamps, the perfect last minute gift for any occasions.

Emailing family members and friends could be pervasive, but everyone still needs regular postcard with a postage stamp, yes we have them here too!

If you have visited your local Post Office lately to buy a book of stamps, you probably spent about 15 to 30 minutes in line, only to be treated rudely by a surly Post Office employee who is NOT happy to see you. Not only that, it cost you gas money to travel to the Post Office to receive such service.

Save yourself from this rudely expensive trip by coming to us for your postage stamp needs. Not only will we save you time, we’ll also be very happy to see you and help make your life easier and joyful.

If you need a special commemorative stamp or a large quantity, give us a call or send a message – we can even special order the stamps you need.

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United States Postage Stamps

Make Good Use Of The Stamps

If you use a lot of stamps and mail out a bunch of letters, then buying Forever Stamps can save you quite a bit of money… at a few cents a stamp. Every penny helps, right?

In effect, you will have stocked up on U.S. postage stamps, and you won’t have to run out and get stamps an inconvenient time (or at the last minute, should postage rates increase again).

Not only is the forever stamp a bright light in a tough economy, it is also providing a whole lot of pleasure for the postal service. Last year, the agency’s chief seemed to relish his chance to introduce it, saying “Who said nothing lasts forever? New York Times

On the other hand, if you don’t use a lot of stamps, buying Forever Stamps can be wasteful because they will likely become lost or misplaced.

Can I Use 2 Forever Stamps To Cover Extra Postage?Stamp-Bell

Yes, you can use as many Forever Stamps as you would like on first-class letters and packages. Each Forever Stamp is worth the actual first-class postage rate on that date.

However, you may be wasting postage if you use an additional Forever Stamp to cover say, the extra 15-cents you need for a 2 oz letter today, or the extra 32-cents you need to mail a 3 oz letter today. (Remember most letter mail falls under the 1 oz standard weight that a first class postage stamp automatically covers.)

For example, the rate for additional ounces is only 17 cents per additional ounce. So, depending on whether you purchased your Forever Stamps at 41 cents apiece or 42 cents apiece… if you used 2 Forever Stamps to mail a 2-ounce envelope, you’d be wasting 24 or 25 cents.

So it’s best to know how much over-weight your letter is first… Then use this first-class postage rate chart to see whether it makes sense for you to use an additional Forever Stamp or not.