Private Mailbox Rental

You may be wondering why there are many people who determine to use private mailbox than a Post Office Box. One of the main reason why people uses a private mailbox because, a private mailbox can be used for home and business addresses, but primary reason is for privacy matters.

The main advantage of our private mailbox over a PO Box and others is that you will no longer have to stay at home or your office to receive your package. This also eliminates the risk for your valuable shipments to be placed at your doorstep where they may be damaged by rain or be stolen by strangers. With our private mailbox, you can receive packages from any carrier and securely hold them at our location until you come pick them up at your earliest convenient.

Your private or personal mailbox from us offers you the options to receive email notifications and sign off packages from any carriers that required a signature. The notifications can be either via mail or text, which alerts you whether your package has arrived and ready for pickup. This definitely makes everything easy for you since unnecessary trips to our store could be eliminated.

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