Shipping Services

We have all four major carriers on our payroll. We provide FedEx, DHL, USPS and some UPS shipping services to our clients. We use dhl for international, because they are the leading international shipping company in the world. They are also a global freight forwarding by all ways. They provide warehousing solutions from packaging to repairs, from storage to mail deliveries worldwide and other customized logistic services. We used dhl for all international packages, which is a more liable and more guaranty delivery service for international shippers. We have been provided with a 99% dhl international guaranty shipment delivery for over six years with an offer of up to 30% off CASH PAYMENT. Call our office for shipping & packing details at (602) 635-4634 or Contact DHL Directly

FedEx is the #1 in Package handling within the US and Canada. As an Authorized ShipCenter, we provide all of FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services at the carrier rate. We offer their service at the same prices on all One Rate Transactions. We have been an Authorized ShipCenter for over six years. We use FedEx for all domestic and some international mailing, parcel and freight services for the past couple of years. We offer up to 10% discount on some FedEx shipments.

USPS is the leading mailing company in the mailing industry, no one can beat them in prices. As an Approved USPS Shipper, we provide almost all of the USPS services at our location. Most services are at the carrier rates, and we also offer the same Flat Rate services at the same prices as the Post Office if pay in cash. We have been an Approved Shipper for over six years now. We use USPS in our office for all of our mailing and parcel domestic and international shipment for the past couple of years. We offer no discount on USPS shipments. Call our office for shipping & packing details at 602-635-4634

Freight Services: In addition to small packages through our partners, we also provide LTL or FTL Freight. Use our freight services for moving large objects that ship via freight or cargo. As a freight forwarder, we can help you compare FedEx freight, UPS freight, Yellow freight and much more other carriers to help you choose the best rate and service for your needs. Often, you can save hundreds of dollars when you compare shipping costs because our freight service does not charge a minimum number of pounds like some moving services do.