How to Rent a Mailbox?

How to Rent a Private Mailbox? A Private mailbox rental is an option that people overlook when looking for a secure and private location to have mail sent. A private mailbox offers the security of a Post Office box and adds in a few extra benefits. A private mailbox is similar to PO Box in that it is available for a fee, but is owned and operated by a private business. Because it is owned by a private business, access is available for other private businesses and couriers to deliver shipments there. Rent a Private Mailbox from us is EASY.

How can you apply for a private mailbox from us? You can find a generic Application for Delivery of Mail through Agent at the post office or you can find customized applications from us. If you are applying in person, by email or through the mail, please click Mailbox Rental Application with PS-1583 Form. When you apply, other than in person, note that the USPS PS-1583 form must be notarized, and what you will need to provide with this form. You will need to provide us with 2 forms of ID. One of the two forms must contain a photograph. The list of acceptable forms of identification are listed on the form 1583 and on our website

Four easy steps you will have to do to open a mailbox with us

  • Step 1:  Show valid non-expired Federal and/or State Issued Photo Identification
  • Step 2: You will typically need to fill out some sort of Mailbox Rental Agreement with us if done by mail or online.
  • Step 3: We typically offer multiple sized mailboxes, so choose one of your choice
  • Step 4 : Make payment arrangements on how payment will be processed.**

**Payments usually must be paid in advance for all services. Your new professional address may not be given until payment is made clear.

Why rent a Private Mailbox from us?