Who We Are
We are “M&M Mail Services, Your Private Mailing Center”. We built our success on the incomparable products and services that we provide to our customers and the positive customer experiences. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our main focus is to keep ourselves at the 100% guarantee customer satisfaction level. Our professional, knowledgeable, and highly trained packing & shipping experts will make sure of your experienced visits at any of our locations are efficient, friendly, and positively unforgettable. Consult our team member for information and options for your packing and shipping needs. You can trust us with your everyday shipping challenges.

2010 – In 2006, J&S Mail Services was going out of business due to bad customer service.  Within a period of three years, J&S Mail Services was owned, managed and operated by more the six individual. During that time they changed their name to A+ Mail Services, and than sold the business to a Latino family. Customers reported, “this is their worst nightmare.” The family couldn’t keep up, she sold it in 2009 to an African-American couple and they change the name to J&J Mail Services, Ltd. in 2010 we bought out J&J Mail Services and changed the name to M&M Mail Services. In that same year, we brought in multiple products and services such as; DHL and notary services.  Advantages: We are a One Stop Get It All Done pack-N-ship place. We pack it for less if not free and ship it for less. Free packing supplies. Great people are waiting to serve you. We compare prices from all carriers and tell you which one is faster and/or least expensive and more guaranteed. While you are waiting, feel free to ask if you need a document to be notarized at no extra cost to you. Simply use FedEx Express and/or DHL Express.

1974 – In 1998, “The Mail Service” place was sold to a man by the name of Mr. James. He changed the name to J&S Mail Services, LLC. James kept the company going for a few years and sold it. 1974, the Mail Service was owned and operated by two elderly ladies under the name of “The Mail Service”. They managed to keep a good reputation of the company and its value for over 25 years. Skills: now our skills is beyond expectation. We trained to meet the expectation of our clients. (a) Packing & Shipping Training, (b) FedEx Express & Ground, (c) DHL Express Training, (d) USPS Keep the Mail Safe, (e) USPS Hazardous Materials, (f) Freight Brokerage Certification and (g) Journeyman Certification.

Now. – We have Job Opportunities. We always have an opening, so stop by at our location for a job application. We are family independently owned and operated business. We are regularly looking to hire new employees to handle our customer’s demands. We are now look to hire packing & shipping employees, store supervisors, store supervisor’s assistance, store managers, store manager’s assistance, marketing manager’s assistance, customer service representative. Go to contact us page to contact us for job availability.  The above list is a typical job descriptions for our retail location.  Responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operations of a retail location, opening and closing the center, managing the productivity and the customer service, monitoring cost control and expenses. Have you used our products and/or services? Is there some experiences that you want to let the world know about? Do you think our customer service should be heard? Submit a Customer Review to BBB, and let them know that M&M Mail Services is your place to pack and ship your valuables.


#1 DHL Shipping Center In Phoenix, AZ
As a DHL ”Authorized Shipping Center” we are dedicated to provide best international shipping services to our client.

10 years of transportation experience
The Founder holds a Master broker Degree on transportation, a Journeyman Certificate and many more!